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NetEase Games
1.367158.3 update 1 day ago 对于Android
3月 21, 2020
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Android 4.0+

Rules of Survival (Full) - Multiplayer project in which players are asked to fight for their own lives. Without a means of subsistence, users are thrown off the plane into strange places. You have to be a real warrior, at least for the time being, otherwise, you will be killed in five minutes or shot in the head. Enjoy original gameplay and excellent graphics, but don't forget that your job is to survive here.

If you are lucky, you will find armor, shotguns or rifles that can temporarily ease the way. All players have special indicators that are responsible for life indicators. They should be monitored, and if the subject is feeling uncomfortable or tired, then it is better to find food or liquids to fill the food waste. There are no rules and every fighter is a killer. To be fair, the only way to get to the top of the winners.

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RULES OF SURVIVAL Apk 是Android上的 游戏,请直接下载最新版本的 RULES OF SURVIVAL Apk 用于android。 RULES OF SURVIVAL Apk 可以免费玩,无需root,RULES OF SURVIVAL Apk 也是 16+ 的游戏。

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