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0.1.8 untuk Android
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Jun 29, 2022
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5.0 and up

Saikou B APK - APK 2022 Saikou B challenges you to outwit a Yandere girl who is determined to make your life miserable and kill you. Your goal is to escape her clutches in this game filled with many scary moments.

A horror movie-like atmosphere is evoked by the simple graphics of the game. Within a few minutes, you'll be hooked on the game's easy controls.

You will enjoy Saikou B APK if you enjoy Japanese horror games. It is lightweight and can be played on any Android device. Start your journey to freedom by downloading Saikou B APK for Android today!

Horror-Filled Gameplay

There are all the elements of a good horror game in this game. The story revolves around a Yandere girl who wants to kill you. The antagonist, called Saiko Chan, will use every means possible to make your life a living nightmare.

She will tie you up on a chair, threaten you with a knife, and even stab you. The only way to survive is to outsmart her.

A locked room awaits you at the beginning of the game. Saiko Chan will find you if you don't find a way to escape. Your progress in the game increases in difficulty.

Each room has its own puzzle, so you can explore them all. In order to solve them, you will have to use your wits and ingenuity.

There are always clues left behind by the Yandere girl. If you use these to your advantage, you may be able to escape.

The game progresses in an interactive manner

During the game's introduction, you will converse with the Yandere girl. By understanding her character and why she is after the protagonist, you will be able to better understand her motivation.

In order to get close to you, she will act as your lover. Once she has gained your trust, she will start to show her true colors.

Outstanding Features of the Saikou B App:

You're dealing with a serial! There is a lot of gore in this game, so it's not for the faint of heart. A deranged Yandere girl is bent on killing you. Several bloody scenes are shown. Find a way out before she catches you.

Solve puzzles to progress.

Your goal is to progress through the game by solving puzzles. In order to solve them, you will need to use logic and intelligence.

Read Clues Left Behind By The Killer.

Your conversations with the Yandere girl will be well-written. As a result, you will gain a better understanding of what she is planning and what she is thinking. A unique clue will assist you in solving the puzzles.

Amazing Graphics and Sounds.

Simplicity is key to the game's visual appeal. A horror game would not be complete without them. Adding to the tension are the excellent sound effects.

Fantastic Storyline.

You will be hooked from the start to the end by the excellent story. By reading this book, you will be able to better understand the Yandere girl's character and her motivations. Furthermore, you will be surprised by the story's twists and turns.


Don't be afraid to hide when it's necessary. It is sometimes necessary to hide from the Yandere girl in order to progress. Because she is always watching, you need to be very careful when doing this. Furniture can be used to your advantage and hidden under tables.